Registration information

Registration Criteria

  • We only handle permanent engineering positions within the UK.

    If you are only seeking contract or limited company work, we will not be able to help you. We are occasionally requested to fill long-term contract positions, but you would be employed by our Client, and not by us.

  • We only operate in the UK.

    This means that you will have to be resident in the UK (on a permanent basis), and you must also have the legal right to work on a full time (not student) visa in the UK. Bulldog cannot help with applications for work Permits. We cannot put you forward for any positions until your work permit situation has been confirmed. If you are planning to live in the UK, we can register your details in advance but shall only actively start working with your file once we have a definite arrival date and a full UK contact address. If we have these, we shall start putting your details forward for up to 3 weeks before you are due to arrive (permanently, not just for a trip).

  • Engineering positions only.

    Bulldog handles positions from technician level upwards. Unfortunately this does not cover painting/decorating, carpentry, driving etc. Please see our vacancies page where you can search through the 57 positions we currently have. This should give you a better understanding of the positions we deal with.

If you are looking for contract work only, are currently living outside of the UK, or are looking for a job in an area we don't cover (e.g. plumbing, carpentry, labouring, packing etc.) then unfortunately we will be unable to help you.

Documents required

In order to fully register with us, we need the following items:

  • Comprehensive CV and Skills checklist

    Please send the CV/Skills Checklist in .doc or .rtf format (NOT PDF) to recruitment@bulldog.co.uk

    Please see this page for guidance on your CV/Skills Checklist and example documents .

  • Proof of ID & Education/Training Certificates.

    In order for us to comply with The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, we have to have seen the following before we can submit your details to any companies:

    (a) Confirmation of your identity. This will mean sending us a copy of a document that proves your identity, such as the photo page of your passport or your new-style photo driving licence.

    (b) Copies of relevant certificates. We will need copies of your certificates to verify the education and training you have received, including degrees, diplomas, courses etc. relevant to any work that you will be applying for through Bulldog Engineering Recruitment.
    We can accept these either as photocopies by post, or in a digitally scanned format sent by E-mail. Preferred file types are *.JPG, *.GIF, *.BMP, *.TIF, or else embedded within a Word document. If sending several high-resolution files, please compress them into a Zip archive, using software such as Winzip or WinRar.

    (c) Proof that you are eligible to work full time in the UK. We will need to see copies of a valid work permit/visa.

    Please DO NOT send us your original certificates! We cannot accept responsibility for any original documentation that is sent through to us, therefore send only photocopies or scanned images.

These regulations are summarised by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). The above requirements are set out in Regulation 19. We will be unable to progress any applications unless we have received the documentation as outlined above.

Privacy agreement

Under the Data Protection Act of 1984 and 1998, we must ensure that the information that you provide us with, is processed with due care and attention. This Policy is the guideline of the type of information that we store, as well as the uses of that data.

  • Q: What type of information do we store?

    A: As well as the information that you directly give us yourselves, we also store a history log of all contact and events with relevance to the record.

  • Q: What information do we divulge to companies?

    A: Our standard practice is to provide our Clients with an edited copy of your CV, with all contact/address/current employer information and your name removed. Some Companies require certain details, such as your name (to help monitor multiple submissions from different agencies), minimum salary requirement, and availability. We do not give your address/contact details without your approval - any such requests would be discussed with you beforehand.

  • Q: Who do we share this information with?

    A: We only give out your information as is required for the purpose of recruitment. This means that by registering with us, you are giving us permission to directly market your details to our clients, in order for us to act as your agent. Of course, this does not include personal information as described above. Applicant information on the web is only shared with registered clients after the applicant has approved that all identifying information has been successfully removed. We place vacancies on our website with all identifying information removed. Our head consultant double-checks each job specification before it is uploaded to our website.

  • Q: How is our data secured?

    A: Only our authorised staff with specific purpose have access to our database. No contact/revealing information is stored on our web site.

  • Q: How to find out if our policy changes?

    A: The above forms our revised Privacy Policy as written on 18/12/03. Any amendments will be posted on this page. Please contact recruitment@bulldog.co.uk if you have any concerns/suggestions regarding this statement.

By registering with Bulldog, you agree that the above statements are accepted by you, for us to act on your behalf as an Employment Agency seeking to find permanent suitable Engineering work, and to directly market your details to our clients for the purpose of recruitment/employment.

I agree to the above.

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